Sight is your most precious sense.
Let us help you look after yours

Dominique et Bertrand

L’OPTIQUE DU MARCHÉ is an English-speaking, independent optician situated in the centre of Montmorillon. We offer a friendly, knowledgeable and personal service for all your optical needs.
Sight is your most precious sense. Let us help you look after yours.

What can we do for you?

need glasses?Do you find your eyes are feeling tired more quickly? Perhaps your vision isn’t as clear as it once was and your glasses are no longer strong enough? Come in and talk to us about your needs.

We aren’t just here to sell you glasses. We are here to prevent and detect your eyesight changes. We provide free sight tests, help with finding out the reimbursement from your top up insurance plan, on-site lens cutting, a lending service and of-course, professional advice and fitting.

Did you know that we can perform an eye test and prescribe a new pair of glasses, with reimbursement available on the usual terms? Come in and talk to us for guidance on the next steps you should take for clearer vision.

Repairs & spares

Glasses are fragile and can break or be otherwise damaged easily. The good news is that we can repair your glasses quickly in our on-site workshop. We have the machinery and materials to repair broken hinges and replace broken or damaged glass. Bring your glasses and your prescription and we can provide you with a quote. We can also lend you a pair while yours are being fixed. And, if you can’t pick up your glasses in person, we can send your glasses to you by post.

the workshop

Our workshop – you can see it from outside

Why choose us?

Many people return to their country of origin for prescription glasses because they don’t feel confident they’ll get what they need here. France also has a reputation for being expensive for glasses and we hope to prove that view wrong! Dominique and Bertrand Kergall, both qualified opticians, ensure a warm welcome and invaluable guidance and advice.

Bring your Carte Vitale and your insurance details

We are happy to provide you with contacts for local ophthalmologists and find out the reimbursement level you are eligible for from your top-up insurance provider. Bring your Carte Vitale and your insurance details with you and we can call them for you.

Our frames and lenses

With almost 800 styles of frames on display for all types of vision – most ‘made in France’ – we guarantee we’ll have something to suit you and your budget, particularly as at Optique du Marché, the second pair is free!
We stock a huge range of classic and modern frames, including sunglasses and children’s glasses, which combine high quality with value for money. You’ll find brand names, but you’ll also find lower cost models too. Ensuring we have a wide selection that suits different budgets is a priority for us. The glass is cut on-site so we can have your glasses ready for you very quickly, sometimes within 24 hours.

Notably, varifocals, like shoes, need to be fitted perfectly. Selecting the correct lens and fitting varifocals is a skilled, precision job and one that we are fully qualified to do.

How the system works in France

In France, a visit to an ophthalmologist is necessary for a medical prescription and to ensure eligibility for financial assistance towards your new glasses from the social security system, and from your ‘Mutuelle’ (top-up insurance provider), if you have one.

As trained opticians, we provide a free eye test that will help you judge whether you need to see an ophthalmologist and we’ll happily refer you to a local one. However, as long as you haven’t developed a new eye condition or your sight hasn’t deteriorated markedly, if you have a prescription for glasses that is less than three years old, we can perform an eye test and prescribe a new pair of glasses, with reimbursement available on the usual terms.

Please note, you’ll need to take our sight test to your doctor and as long as he/she finds no anomalies, they’ll be able to write a medical prescription for you so that you can be reimbursed.

Eye test

Eye test

Did you know that an eye test can save your life? An eye test every two years is recommended.